Welcome Spring!

It didn't look like spring this morning, with at least 10 cm of heavy, wet snow piled on the ground after yesterday's snowfall. But as I tried to brush the snow off my car this morning, it somehow felt like spring. Eventually I realised that it sounded like spring - was that a robin singing? Indeed it was, and I'm guessing the poor bird was wondering why it travelled so far to get here just to find everything under a blanket of white. But with more warm temperatures in the forecast, I'm sure this snow will slowly soak into the ground and provide us with that extra moisture we love for spring planting.


  1. This is our first winter here in Edmonton AB...it's been fun...but boy were we surprised by the latest dumping of snow when we got up in the morning!

  2. Nice to know you have heard a robin! It does add a positive note (pun intended!) to the latest dump of snow. :)

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