Cupid Cherry in Bloom

'Cupid' cherry is part of a line of very hardy bush cherries developed at the University of Saskatchewan for superior flavour and hardiness. Although technically they are sour cherries, several of the cultivars are supposed to be sweet enough for fresh eating. All of them grow between 6 and 8 feet tall, making them either a large shrub or a dwarf tree.

We purchased our 'Cupid' cherry as a small plant in 2007, so it is now going into its fourth summer in our yard. Last year it produced only a few blooms and two shrivelled cherries, but it may have done better if we hadn't moved it. This year, however, it has burst into bloom, giving us high hopes that we'll finally get to taste some fruit.

'Cupid' Sour Cherry

You may also notice that I am attempting to prune this into a tree form. From everything I'd read, this seemed like it would be fairly simple, but at about five feet high and with a bit of a crooked "trunk", this tree looks a little odd so far. I'm hoping it will look better when it reaches its full size, since there's been far too much time and energy invested into this plant to even think about replacing it. And we really want to taste those cherries!

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  1. Very nice. How's the tree now, 2 years later? I'm about to plant one myself and need the perfect spot. I think the Cupid cherry tree will be the corner of my honey berry hedge


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