Storing Potatoes

I grew some tasty pink-fleshed potatoes last summer, and I was hoping to save some of the smaller tubers to replant this spring. Unfortunately, they decided to get a jump-start on the season and start growing a little early:

I kept them in a dark cupboard in my kitchen, but potatoes prefer a cooler location than that. Ideally, they should be stored at a cool temperature, between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius or so, and with a high relative humidity. Storing them in a perforated plastic bag, like they come in at the grocery store, can help to maintain humidity around the potatoes while still allowing them to breathe. A cool, dark place in an unheated part of the basement may have been more successful. Unfortunately, I won't be able to try this variety again this summer because of my storage failure.


  1. I always some how mess up storing my potatoes... If they don't get planted right when I buy them, it usually doesn't happen at all.

  2. Hi Cassandra,

    I managed to eke our russets out until the end of February in brown paper bags in the basement (~12 C), but haven't been able to keep any other varieties from sprouting much past the New Year. The last home potatoes went to that simple and tasty oven recipe you posted last year.

    If you can find some unfrozen soil, you could try planting a couple of your sprouts deep and cover the shoots. I've gotten away with doing that in early April in previous years. Not much happens until May, but once the soil warmed enough, the shoots eventually emerged (even the last nasty Spring, although it took them so long I'd almost given up).

  3. Why not try to plant even these pink-fleshed potatoes? It will work and you will have a good crop later. A tip: if we have such potatoes we put them into the compost and in fall we always have some tasty potatoes without any work. Regards from Germany

  4. The pink fleshed potatoes are quite tasty. Like yourself, I really love to plant them and watch them grow with my children. I hope they work out for you this season. Anyways, happy gardening!


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