Best Christmas Present Ever!

Christmas morning here dawned bright and frosty:

But the best part was the grow shelves my husband spent all his spare time building for me:

These pine shelves are two feet deep and four feet long and offer 32 square feet of growing space. This is hypothetical though, since we only have three shoplights so far (and even that broke the budget) and they still don't have any bulbs in them. But I have big plans for indoor herb gardens and seed-grown perennials! Watch for updates!


  1. What a great husband! You are a lucky girl (I think that I will be showing this to mine).

  2. Husbands of gardeners all over are being shown that photo, including mine :-) I'd been looking at an IKEA system but yours is much nicer looking (and, I'm sure, much more durable).

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I think part of my husband's plan was that if he built me shelves that were bulky enough, I'd stop raising tomato seedlings in the bedroom. I guess you could try doing that and see where it gets you!


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