Pre-Made Garden Plans

As cooler weather arrives, it is a good time start planning next year's garden. If you have a medium-sized yard to design (or redesign), planning where different elements should go can sometimes feel daunting. Although there are many good books to help you make your own plan, sometimes you just want one that's already complete.

Great Garden Designs, a publication from Reader's Digest, presents forty complete designs for private yards. Most of them are quite attractive, and there is a good chance you will find a design that will suit your needs. The book also provides ideas for adapting the plans to different sizes and shapes of yards.

There are two major downsides to using this book. The first is that no measurements are provided, making it difficult to estimate how much space would be required for the different elements in the plan, and whether they will fit into your own yard. However, most plans would need to be adapted to your space in some way. The other downside for northern gardeners is that the thorough plant lists provided for each plan are appropriate for the warm climate of England, but many will not grow in zones below 7. Although this allows you to choose the plants you like, following the plan would require researching the size and growing requirements of each plant listed, then finding a hardy plant with similar attributes to replace it with.

If you are looking for some pre-made garden plans that you can use to create your own design, especially if you want to choose your own plants, then this book provides a good start.

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