Native Plants for Sale

I just got back from a trip to Banff, in the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Although there are no lineups and the hotels are (relatively) cheap in November, it can also be very cold at the top of a mountain! Luckily, after becoming half-frozen while admiring the view, there's always a gift shop to warm up in afterwards.

While browsing the Canadian-themed souvenirs, I came across some seed packets (excuse the blur):
For only about five dollars a packet, you too can grow grass that grows in Canada! Never mind that Canada's climate ranges from temperate rainforest to drought-prone prairie, from permafrost to areas where there's rarely frost, this grass will likely grow somewhere!

The wildflower seeds were cute, though. The seeds were embedded in what appeared to be hand-made paper, so you just lay the paper in your soil and the plants grow, already spaced.

It may not be much, but even at fifteen degrees below zero, almost eight thousand feet above sea level, there's something for the garden!

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  1. Ooo, lucky you! I've never been to Banff. And there are actually seeds that grow in Canada?!?!?

    Helen (in Toronto)


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