Gardening Catalogues Arrive

As winter creeps in, the arrival of garden catalogues signals the time to start dreaming about next year (when I'll weed more, really...). Both the T&T and Stokes catalogues have arrived at my house, full of colour pictures and promises of better plants next year. Although it seems early to plan for next summer (I like to do that in February, when the long winter nights seem endless), it's still nice to get an early reminder that summer will be back.

The best Canadian sources for colour garden catalogues are:

On the other hand, the Lindenberg Seeds catalogue isn't nearly as fancy to look at, but their prices are very good and their shipping is cheaper (or free if you order about $40). So order your free catalogues now for winter dreaming!


  1. I also plan to get a copy of those catalouges of gardening. Great list!

  2. Thanks for the list and the links - I just spent an hour making my catalogue requests and I hope I haven't left it too late!


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