Cheap As Dirt

Of course, anyone who has ever shopped for soil knows that dirt isn't cheap, but I was a bit surprised by the range of prices I found when shopping last weekend. I was looking for bagged topsoil, since my yard is much too small for a delivery by the truckload (which is probably a more economical choice if you need a lot). Our local garden centre had 30L bags for $6.99, but we found 25L bags at Canadian Tire for only $2.39. They also had steer and sheep manure, potting soil, peat moss and compost available.

As much as I like to support a local garden centre, I have to admit that the selection and prices of soil at Canadian Tire draw me there. While cheap plants are often a false economy, I think the less expensive topsoil and composted manure will be sufficient for topdressing and reseeding our lawn this fall.

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