Garden Thieves

I am participating in a community garden this year, and although things are just getting started, there's already trouble.

One participant planted a very large pepper plant in her plot. She had been coddling it for quite some time in order to get a decent harvest in our short summer. One day, it was gone without a trace, roots and all. I suppose someone decided that they needed a large pepper plant in their garden, and didn't want to start one from seed or buy one from the store. I hope the thief feels guilty every time they eat a delicious, stolen pepper.

I planted a pepper plant as well, but it was much smaller. A couple days later, it was reduced to a single leaf. I'm pretty sure that the villain in my case had four legs and a fluffy tail. Some of my peas have been nibbled as well, but the rabbits seem to be leaving the garlic and tomatoes alone.


  1. Is your community garden fenced in? If so, what kind of fencing? Just curious as we are thinking to see if there might be interest in our area to start a community garden and I've been pondering what sort of fencing might be best. Perhaps a locked compound is required with keys only for community gardening members.

    The peas in our yard have been nibbled on and I'm trying to guess by what. Our yard is well fenced so I'm thinking an insect is likely, but not sure what likes peas in our area (?)

  2. Middle Earth, there is no fence around our community garden, as the cost was considered prohibitive. It is adjacent to a greenbelt, so there are both plenty of people going by and plenty of rabbits. Unfortunately, they're both a bit of a menace.

    The solution many garden members have is to only grow things like potatoes and beets. There is also a communal rhubarb plant that is thriving.

  3. Cassandra, There will always be thieves of garden goods. I've had plants ripped right out of my front garden. Or watched someone walk by and pluck a single flower I'd been nursing, sniff it once, then drop it on the sidewalk.

    Hopefully, these people don't do these things out of malice, but only because they're thoughtless, perhaps kids (like my errant plucker), and don't consider the consequences of one careless tug.


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