Landscape Plans for the Front Yard

Planning a new landscape can be difficult work - how do you know when you have it right? Sometimes what you really want is some examples to give you ideas, and even just to copy from.

The book Create an Impression: Landscaping for Curb Appeal, by Maggie Clayton, offers 23 landscape plans for the front yards of different types of homes. Although it might be difficult to match one of the examples exactly to your yard and your preferences, you should be able to get plenty of ideas.

Each example includes a plan, a colour illustration of what it might look like when mature, and a plant list. All the plants should be reasonably hardy in Edmonton (where the author works) and other areas rated as zone 3.

My one criticism of this book is that the range of plants used is somewhat limited. Each plant is described in some detail at the back of the book, however, including pictures. If there are other plants you would wish to substitute, it shouldn't be hard. If you prefer to use more edible plants in your landscape, a quick comparison of plant heights and requirements with the Edible Landscaping Plant List should enable you to make some tree and shrub substitutions. Ideas for herbaceous perennial vegetables are here, with more information on each available in Eric Toensmeier's Perennial Vegetables.

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