The Most Comfortable Weather in Canada is in...

Would you believe that, according to Environment Canada themselves, the province with the most comfortable weather is Alberta? I'm sure nobody from BC would believe this (although they probably don't frequent this blog anyway), but see the proof here! Nearing the end of a long winter, it's nice to see somebody doesn't think I'm crazy for living here. Saskatchewan ranks number two, by the way, and beautiful BC only comes in third, probably because of all that rain, fog and cloudy skies.

Nunavut wins the title of toughest weather (no surprise there). Of course, provinces are large places, so you might be wondering how your Canadian city compares to others. You can look up your own city here to find which aspect of your weather gives you bragging or moaning rights.

As expected, Yellowknife, NT wins a lot of dubious honours. Coldest winter, coldest spring, coldest year-round, most cold days, longest snow cover season, most deep snow cover days, extreme wind chill, most high wind chill days, and driest winter air all belong to that city, although it also takes sunniest summer and sunniest spring.

Prince Rupert, BC might have the most depressing weather: it has the coolest summer, is the wettest city, and has the least sunshine and most cloudy skies year-round. St John's, NL is the windiest and foggiest city.

For those who like it warm and sunny, consider the following cities. Kamloops, BC has the hottest summer, Victoria, BC has the mildest winter. Chilliwack, BC is the warmest year-round (but third wettest), and Vancouver, BC has the fewest freezing days. Windsor, ON has the most thunderstorm days and smoke and haze days, as well as the most growing-degree days. Calgary, AB has the sunniest winter (with Winnipeg, MB in second), and Medicine Hat, AB, is sunniest year-round.

St. John's, NL, wins the title of Toughest Weather, with Gander, NL in second, and Yellowknife, NT only in third. Victoria, BC, wins Most Comfortable Weather, with all top seven cities being from BC. Surprisingly, Whitehorse, YT, sneaks onto the list at number 14.

Edmonton, where I live, turns out not to have very extreme weather after all; the best it does is come in third for fewest fog days. We also have a lot of sunny days year-round (ninth place), especially in the spring (fourth place) and during cold months (seventh). I am also grateful that we rank only thirty-eighth for coldest winter, and only sixty-first for windiest. When the snow is still halfway to your knee, halfway through March, I'm grateful for anything!

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  1. Some weeks, it's hard to believe that Edmonton could get that good of a rating for weather. As I look at other garden blogs from around the world, with their beautiful bulbs in bloom, I wish Edmonton would rank for 'earlier spring'. I planted even more early blooming plants last year, since I appreciate those first flowers the most. However, lots of blue sky days is some consolation.


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