More Strawberry Seedlings, Tomatoes and Peppers

Much to my surprise, yesterday, I found a few new alpine strawberry seedlings poking up. Since I planted them on February 21, it took these late bloomers almost a month to come up, and about three weeks longer than the seeds that emerged first. The variation was probably due to varying vigour among the seeds. So when planting alpine strawberries, use the freshest seeds you can get, don't be skimpy when sowing, put them in a warm room and be patient!

I also decided that yesterday was finally the day to plant tomato and pepper seeds. It's just about eight weeks before the Victoria Day long weekend, which is when I plan to put them out. I felt too cheap this year to pay shipping charges to a mail-order company, so I had to make do with varieties available from the seed racks at the hardware store. We planted indeterminate Early Girls, a hybrid and a dependably early producer in our climate, Bush Beefsteak, an open-pollinated, large and early variety, as well as one Tiny Tim, an open-pollinated, dwarf cherry tomato. The peppers are Tequila Sunrise, a sweet, orange, pointed pepper that hopefully will have time to ripen.

There's still plenty of snow outside, and more in the forecast, but the days are warming up a little. I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy if spring doesn't come soon, so it's nice to have a few green things coming up inside to remind us that, eventually, winter will have to go.

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