Alpine Strawberry Seedlings Update

Despite our outdoor temperatures of about -25 Celsius, my alpine strawberry seedlings are bravely growing their first true leaves. This is what it looks like when you let a two-year-old sow the seeds:

I had read that alpine strawberry seeds are not only slow to germinate, but many of them will never come up at all, so we dumped quite a few of the tiny seeds in each pot. To our surprise, they came up fast and thick. As much as I hate "wasting" seeds and thinning, I did notice that the ones with less competition were doing better, so I thinned them down to two or three per pot. Eventually, it will only be one per pot, anyway, so we might as well start now.

The pots directly under the grow light are also doing slightly better than the ones around the edges, so we mixed them up a bit. Here they are:


  1. Hi! I am also about to start the seeds of alpine strawberry - how long you wait for them to germinate?

  2. Hi Ewa. My seeds germinated in about a week, although the seed packet said it might take 20 to 30 days. If you have fresh seeds and put them in a warm place, they should germinate faster, but be prepared to be patient!


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