Front Yard Gardening at the White House

When I first heard about Roger Doiron's campaign to have the USA's new president plant a vegetable garden on the front lawn of the White House, I didn't think I'd be hearing about it again. But the idea somehow made it to the final round of the On Day One contest sponsored by the Better World Fund, and then went on to beat the other 81 finalists! 

Planting a vegetable garden on the lawn of the White House would set a great example. North Americans can only be helped by gardening: the exercise and the healthy food are good for our bodies, and the local, small-scale production of food is good for the environment. And as outlined in the book Edible Estates, the stigma against front-yard vegetable gardens is outdated and unnecessary.

So keep an ear out for gardening announcements to accompany policy announcements - we can all hope!

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