Early Tomato Varieties

Most gardeners agree that there is little resemblance between a newly-picked homegrown tomato and the hard, flavourless imitations found all winter long at the grocery store. But how do gardeners with very short seasons ensure ripe fruit from a plant that loves the heat? Grow varieties that ripen in 55 days or less, of course. Here are some to try:

Basket King: Hybrid, determinate. 55 days. 1 3/4 inch fruit with thin skins.
Centennial Rocket (or Rocket): Open-pollinated, determinate. 52 days. 3-4 oz. fruit, smaller plants will grow in containers.
Cherry Gold: Open-pollinated, determinate. 45 days. A yellow version of Tiny Tim.
Early Cascade: Hybrid, indeterminate. 55 days. 5-6 oz. fruit, extremely productive over a long season. 
Early Girl: Hybrid, available as indeterminate or determinate. 52 days. 5 oz. fruit with good flavour, high yields in cool or hot weather. 
Extreme Bush: Open-pollinated, determinate. 50 days. 3 oz. fruit on small plants, very productive over a long period.
Glacier: Open-pollinated, determinate. 55 days. 1-3 oz. fruit, high yields and good flavour even in very cool weather. 
McGee: Open-pollinated, indeterminate. 55 days. 1-3 oz fruit.
Prairie Pride: Open-pollinated, determinate. 55 days. Abundant, medium-sized fruit. 
Red Robin: Hybrid, determinate. 55 days. Cherry tomatoes on a dwarf, 6-inch plant.
Siberia: Open-pollinated, determinate. 50 days. 3 0z. fruit, plants will set fruit at very low temperatures. 
Stupice: Open-pollinated, indeterminate. 52 days. 2 oz. fruit, very productive and will set fruit in cool weather.
Sub-Arctic Plenty: Open-pollinated, determinate. 45 days. 2-3 oz. fruit, tolerates cool weather.
Swift: Open-pollinated, determinate. 2-inch fruit, sets fruit at low temperatures.
Tiny Tim: Open-pollinated, determinate. 45 days. Red cherry tomatoes on 18 inch plants, great for containers.
Tumbler: Hybrid, determinate. 49 days. 2-inch fruit, very productive and great for hanging baskets.
Yellow Canary: Hybrid, determinate. 55 days. Yellow cherry tomatoes on dwarf 8-inch plants that tolerate lower light levels. 

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