Early Beefsteak Tomatoes

Many  beefsteak-type tomato varieties take 80 to 90 days to mature, too long for many short-season gardeners. But if your idea of a perfect tomato is one that covers a piece of bread with a single slice, but still ripens in under 75 days, you're not asking too much. Here is a list of varieties to get you started:

Ultra Boy: Hybrid, indeterminate. 72 days. Fruit averages 1 pound, high yields and a smooth shape.
Whopper: Hybrid, indeterminate. 65 days. 14 oz. fruit, good yields, resists cracking and disease. 
Better Boy: Hybrid, indeterminate. 70 days. 12-16 oz. fruit.
Big Beef: Hybrid, indeterminate. 73 days. 10-14 oz. fruit, very high yields, good disease resistance.
Champion: Hybrid, indeterminate. 62 days. 10 oz. fruit with a very high yield.
Ultra Sweet: Hybrid, indeterminate. 62 days. 10 oz. fruit with good flavour.
Siletz: Open-pollinated, determinate. 52 days. 10 oz. fruit is nearly seedless and will set even in cool weather.
Super Fantastic: Hybrid, indeterminate. 70 days. 9-10 oz. fruit, very high yields.

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